Top 5 Facts Home Buyers You Must Consider About Backup Offers

Nov 08, 2023 By Susan Kelly

So, you spent a couple of months looking for the perfect house, and then, right when you found it, someone buyer made an offer! A contract has been signed on "your" ideal property, which means you can no longer make an offer. How do we proceed from here? Should you go back to looking, or try something anyway? Submitting an "alternative offer" is a strategy that is rarely addressed but might be useful. If the initial offer on the house falls through, the seller may accept a backup offer from another buyer who is willing to buy the property at the same price and on the same terms. The seller and the party submitting the backup offer must sign the backup offer to purchase the contract.

What Is A Backup Offer?

Backup offers are made when one party already has a contract on a house. In the event that the initial contract falls through, the backup proposal contract will kick in, preventing the home from going back into the market. A basic decency but rather origination fee deposit is generally part of the backup offer as well.

Submitting Is Never A Waste Of Time

You have finally found your ideal home, but someone else will probably buy it before you do. You should probably go on, but if you don't want to, there are other options. If the seller rejects your initial offer, you can submit a counterclaim. Experts agree that making a backup offer increases the likelihood that the first offer will go through with the acquisition of the home. It's true on occasion, and it usually causes people to withdraw even more rapidly. Your offer's fate lies entirely in the seller's hands.You submit it to put a claim on it and prevent it from returning to the market if the primary deal falls through.

Backup Offers Are Legally Binding Contracts

Once both parties have signed a backup offer, it has the same legal force as a principal purchase written agreement. Verify that perhaps the home is what you imagined it would be, that you have the funds available to pay your actual fee, and that you are comfortable with having your earnest money held in escrow. Your arrangement will change to a Sales Agreement after the primary proposal falls through, at which point you will no longer be able to back out without forfeiting your good faith deposit.

If The Main Deal Falls Through, You're Stuck in The Contract With No Way Out

The great thing about a backup offer is that it eliminates the competition factor. You are in line to buy the house if your backup offer is accepted. You won't be able to renegotiate, so include clauses in the contract that protect your interests. By including the backup offer addendum, you ensure that you can walk away at any time. Make the contract conditional on your approval of the inspections and the introductory offer made during escrow. Your real estate agent can help you decide which contingencies to include in your backup offer.

Keep Searching Even If Your Offer Is Accepted As Second

A backup offer isn't an active contract until the primary offer falls through. If you drafted a contingency allowing you to walk away from a backup offer position, you have the freedom to keep looking for other homes while you wait. Don't make the mistake of waiting for a primary offer to collapse or go through before you get back into your home search. You're wasting time, especially if the home you're waiting for closes.

Put Muscle Behind Your Interest In The Home

Instead of submitting a backup offer, you should communicate your enthusiasm to the title company and keep a close eye on the sale as it progresses. It's possible that this is the best option for a slow market.Someone else could make a backup proposal in today's currency if they are willing to take a risk you aren't. The already limited chances of making a successful offer on the house now got smaller. If you really want to buy a house, you must submit a backup offer. Substantial money is required either by your backup offer or the sales contract. If you locate the dream home, do not really give up on it too quickly. Having a backup plan is a good idea. Even if it doesn't guarantee your safe return, it increases your chances significantly.


Making your offer reliant on the short sale being authorized can increase the likelihood of it being accepted as a backup offer. Many purchasers are unwilling to wait for the short sale to be cleared, as the process might be slowed down by a number of circumstances. The original buyer can abandon the deal unless they are extremely serious about buying the residence.

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